Purchase the book

There are two ways to buy the 50th book. If you are in the USA, click the BUY  NOW button below.

This is the book that was printed using offset printing and has a cover which is embossed with the Jenny fish logo.

I have control over the price and have set it now at $59 plus $15 shipping in the USA.


Unfortunately there are no longer any books left in Europe so shipping from the USA to anywhere other than within the USA is $65 due to the fact the book is so heavy.

Because of this I have made the book available through Lulu.com which is a Print On Demand (POD) printer.

The printing is indistinguishable from the offset print version, however, while the cover does still have the Jenny fish, it is not embossed.

Other than that both versions of the book are identical.

I do not have control of the price. The book is more expensive because it is Print on Demand and done one at a time and the cost of paper and printing has increased.

However, for the rest of the world the shipping is very cheap and there is no Import Tax or Duty.

The price is $84 plus whatever shipping Lulu charges for your country.

Clicking the LULU button below will take you directly to the buy page.

One advantage of Lulu is they very often have 10% and 15% discount codes. Just Google search for one before you buy.

Below is the link to Lulu